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The knowledge-based company, Talaashgar Shahvar Technologists, is located in the Science and Technology Park of Semnan Province in Shahroud city. It officially began its activities in 1399 (2020-2021) in the field of on-site disc cutting under the official brand of Teamatech.

The research and development team of Teamatech, after extensive studies on both domestic and foreign samples and by addressing the defects of existing market samples, has reached the current prototype. This disc cutter is offered to the market with almost zero wear and tear, and with very high precision and power. The Teamatech disc cutter is patented with a stepper motor and without a gearbox.

The goal and policy of Teamatech is always to produce tools that save time and energy for the user and reduce additional costs in the repair process. One of these goals can be highlighted with the Teamatech hollow body mold device, which reduces repair time by up to 20 times.

Reputable and powerful after-sales services, along with offering high-quality products, are among the advantages of the Teamatech brand.

گواهی ثبت اختراع دیسک تراش تیماتک
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